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Get the Job You Want Faster

Get the Job You Want!

Campbell College specializes in one program only.  It is the perfect formula for success!

Administrative Professional Diploma Program

  • Our graduate success rate is 90%
  • We have been successfully training in this field since 1986
  • We have wonderful partnerships with industry, employers and government
  • We will assist you through the intake process
  • Our program is instructor led not self-paced
  • It provides work experience and job search support
  • We care about your employment outcomes

Our program addresses barriers faced by immigrants, people changing careers, and high school graduates seeking an administrative career.

  • It provides graduates with Canadian skill training for the administrative field, post-secondary certification (Diploma) recognized by employers and work experience and references needed for success.
  • It is a short-term (32 weeks) occupational program that addresses barriers in all areas
  • Provides personal and professional development training that builds confidence, excellent team, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Financial assistance may be available for qualified applicants
  • Designated for Alberta and Canada Student Loan funding

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