Instructors for all classes in the Administrative Professional program must meet the following requirements:

  1. A degree, diploma, certificate or a professional designation-related to the content areas for which the instructor is employed, verified by an official document.
    A minimum of 3 (three) years direct work related experience-verified in writing by an employer(s), attesting that the instructor is technically competent to instruct in the assigned content area.
    Adequate instructional experience-verified by an employer(s)’s letter.
  2. Demonstrate, through an interview process, the following skills, traits and attributes:
    • group and team motivational skills;
    • ability to express unconditional respect for others;
    • flexibility and willingness to work within a team environment;
    • ability to role-model professionalism;
    • well-developed conflict management skills; and
    • strong interest in promoting continuous learning.
  3. Demonstrate, through the actual presentation of a lesson, the ability to:
    • organize ideas and explain concepts clearly;
    • develop creative teaching techniques; and
    • assist adults to overcome barriers to learning.

The Administrative Professional Program is licensed under the Private Vocational Training Act.  Financial assistance may be available to qualified applicants

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