January 2017 Newsletter

Dear Campbell College Alumni and Students,

First of all, Happy New Year!

Campbell College (30 years old) and Canada (150 years old) are both celebrating major milestones this year! Hearing about all that is being done to prepare for Canada Day this July 1, I fondly remember Canada’s Centennial year (1967) that we celebrated in Montreal through EXPO 67 (similar to our Heritage Days—but much bigger).   I was 12 at the time, lived only a short subway ride to the fairgrounds, and I certainly got my money’s worth from the passport my parents purchased for all of us to attend this awe-inspiring world’s fair.

I have always considered myself to be very blessed to have grown up in a city where multiculturalism was the norm. My neighbours and school friends were from Ukraine, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, England, South America, France, Poland, China, Greece, Portugal, Russia, Germany, and Africa. We all lived in harmony at that time with very little English and French animosity—that I can honestly remember. EXPO 67 opened my eyes to new and exotic cultures and lands I had never heard or dreamed of, so I made it my mission to get through every single participating world pavilion. I am very excited about our 150-year Canada celebration, and equally excited about what we are planning for Campbell College’s Student and Alumni 30-year event.

I am an avid CBC Radio fan—tuning in whenever I drive, which is daily. I started this routine when I first joined Campbell & Associates (a long time ago) because it was suggested as an excellent way to improve my professional vocabulary.  I was entering a new work environment of academics and education. Although I had just finished an administrative program, my previous job experience had been in the Hospitality Industry, and this was an entirely new world for me.  Thankfully, I also had the personal and professional development training just prior to starting my new career path in adult education because feeling the fear and doing it anyways and faking confidence, which I did not really feel, was an everyday occurrence for quite some time.

My point, however, is that CBC Radio did and continues to improve my vocabulary. It has kept me up to date in current and historical affairs, arts, and general-interest stories through their diverse programming; however, I am exposed to daily and frequent news broadcasts as well, which given the choice, I would avoid. I stopped watching the news on TV every evening before going to bed because I often had trouble sleeping after hearing about the atrocities and senseless violence committed each and every day.  It is so easy to get dragged into negative energy and let despair, anger, or hopelessness enter your life. Receiving constant information, while useful, can be only information that is twisted, turned around, and sensationalized minor or non-issues!  It takes work and commitment to live our lives with hope, kindness, and a positive attitude—however, the benefits are worth it—the path to less stress, and happiness, and contentment.

Alice, Martine, and I had a conversation about this topic today—we hear about and see uneasiness and fear regarding the mayhem that is now unfolding politically in our generally conservative North America; however, if we trust that everything happens for a reason, and we choose to focus on harmony, peace, and positivity in response; this reflection of positive energy will evolve and have an impact on the bigger picture (as well as on our own personal journeys and outcomes).

This year, we have amazing people and accomplishments to celebrate and be grateful because we have amazing clients and alumni. We will be reveling Campbell College’s 30 years of “SUCCESS” by acknowledging and celebrating the “ACHIEVEMENT and SUCCESS” of our wonderful graduates!

Additional news and details are coming—cannot wait to share them with you soon.

Announcement: Winners of the 2nd Annual Referral Contest—WIN $1,000

In 2015, we had 1 grand winner; however, the contest evolved a little differently last year because—when we counted the referral results at the beginning of December 2016 (after all program year-end referrals had ended for the November program), we had 5 people who referred 2 students each throughout the year. The result was a very impressive 70% of our students in 2016 were referred through the referral program—a large majority of our alumni referred 1 student. I contacted the 5 winners and achieved a consensus that they split the winnings and receive $200 each… just in time for Christmas.   The grand prize of $1,000 was shared 5 ways to the following winners:

  • Elwood De Guzman – AP1504
  • Inah Tanate – AP1511
  • Al Huwaila Tumacder – AP1104
  • Rinkie Maseng – AP1511
  • Julie Fuentes – AP1302

We sincerely thank our winners and all our students and alumni who referred applicants to our program last year.

2017 Referral Incentive Appreciation Bonus—since this is our 30-year anniversary, we are planning a big event/celebrations for later in the year. We will not hold a third contest; instead, we will raise the Alumni Referral Bonus to $300 per successful applicant who decides to join our Campbell College family by taking one of our programs throughout the whole year! This starts with anyone referred to our five (5) scheduled programs:

  • February 13, 2017
  • April 10, 2017
  • June 5, 2017
  • September 11, 2017
  • November 6, 2017

We are now recruiting for the February 13th program where we have available seats remaining. The good news is—you will earn $300 (instead of $200) even if you referred someone to a 2017 AP program prior to this announcement.

Medical Billing Course

We were thrilled to see so many Alumni show up for our information session held on January 5 because the Thursday evening course filled up immediately; we had to offer a second evening, which has also filled up.

Thank you for sharing this information with your friends and family as this new venture is very exciting for us. This will be our PILOT for this course, and if there is a strong interest, we will offer similar part-time courses in the future. We will certainly ensure that you know about future plans before we make announcements to the public.

Last of all, we all wish you and your loved ones an outstanding 2017 full of exciting new journeys and adventures!

We look forward to celebrating your accomplishments at our upcoming event, so watch for our Anniversary Announcement coming with all the details in early spring.

Warm and wonderful wishes, Sharon Halliday and the Campbell College Team

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